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How to Earn Free Steam Gift Cards

Do you want to earn a Steam gift card free with just a few minutes of your time?

Free Steam wallet codes are an awesome way to tick your favorite items off your wishlist without waiting for a flash sale.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to earn free Steam gift cards. Reward XP offers one of the best ways to get free Steam gift cards. You need nothing more than a few minutes to start earning now.

Getting Started with Reward XP

Getting Started with Reward XP

To get started, you need to first create an account with Reward XP. The whole signup process takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Everyone is eligible to create an account to earn free Steam gift card codes. Just fill in the fields and provide us with some personal details. We don’t ask for any sensitive information, such as your bank account details.

After you’ve finished the signup process, you can begin earning virtual XP currency. This virtual XP currency can then be redeemed for free Steam wallet codes.

There are no catches and no waiting periods. Redeem your XP currency, and you will receive your Steam gift card free within 72 hours.

In short, it’s one of the simplest ways to earn Steam gift cards free online.

How it Works

There are no catches involved with Reward XP. We make it easy for anyone to earn free Steam gift cards online.

How We Get Paid

Brands and researchers want your options. Game and app developers want your download. Real world services want you to sign up and check them out!

For any offer our members complete we get a small %.


Earn XP

We connect you with the best offerwalls and survey routers through our curated Earn and Explore sections.

Answer online surveys, watch videos, download apps, play games, and complete other special offers to earn XP.


Redeem Your XP

Redeem your XP for a variety of rewards. We process all requests within 4-24 hours.

In addition to Steam gift cards you can also redeem Amazon gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, and gaming currency like Riot Points.


Earning Free PayPal Money

Earning Steam Gift Cards

Online Surveys

Earning Free Steam Gift Cards Through Online Surveys

Customer-centric brands want to know what you think of them. Online surveys are an important aspect of commercial market research. That is why they pay online survey platforms to access their user bases.

As a survey router, we have access to all the best surveys. Every time you complete a survey, you will be rewarded with virtual XP currency immediately.

What separates our intelligent survey platform is we only show you the surveys that match your interests. This increases the chances of qualification and stops you from wasting your time sifting through irrelevant online surveys.

Just complete the pre-screening questions and, if you qualify, you can answer the survey and get rewards immediately.


Earning Free Steam Gift Cards Through Offers

Finished all available online surveys?

There are more ways to earn XP currency for Steam wallet codes with Reward XP. Complete the latest offers available via the Reward XP dashboard.

Some of the offers that allow you to generate more XP include:

  • Paid Trial Offers – Pay a fee for the trial period. You can cancel at any point.
  • Non-Paid Trial Offers – These free trials require no fee but may require you to enter your payment details. You can cancel at any time and not be charged.
  • Sign Up Offers – Visit a website and create an account.
  • Testing Apps – Consent to downloading a new app.
  • Cashback Offer – Shop with our partner stores and earn points just for making a purchase.
  • We do our due diligence before displaying any new offer on the Reward XP dashboard. These are not scams, and we ensure that you are protected when making any new offer available.

    Keep checking back for the latest daily offers.

Watching Videos

Earning Free Steam Gift Cards Through Watching Videos

One of the best ways to get free Steam gift cards is to veg out and watch some entertaining online videos.

We reward you just for watching videos through the Reward XP portal. Every view earns you XP.

Follow these steps to earn XP via watching videos:

  • Browse through different video categories. We guarantee that there will be something for you.
  • Watch any video you want from start to finish.
  • Accumulate XP currency with every video watched. There’s no cap on participation.
  • Redeem your XP for free Steam gift cards.

It really is that easy. More and more videos are constantly being added to our database. The longer the video the more XP you earn.

How to Redeem XP for Steam Gift Cards

What happens when you’ve earned enough XP to get a free Steam gift card?

Once you have enough points to purchase a Steam card, just visit the “Redeem” section of the portal and click on the Steam icon.

Firstly, you need to add Reward XP as a friend on Steam so we can send you your gift card. Use friend code 924306419 to find us.

We accept new friend requests within a matter of minutes, but it can take a few hours (we sleep too!).

Once you are on our friends’ list, fill in the redemption form with the amount you want to redeem plus your Steam profile name.

Converting your XP currency to PayPal money couldn’t be easier. After you reach the earnings threshold for PayPal withdrawal, you can request a withdrawal.

If you want to receive free PayPal money, all you need is enough XP and a valid, active PayPal account.

Send a withdrawal request, and we’ll process your withdrawal as soon as possible. Most of our users receive their PayPal funds within 24 hours. Once the money is in your account, it can be withdrawn to your bank account or spent online however you please.

Alternatively, if you already have a use in mind for your PayPal funds, why not redeem your XP for a gift card or one of our other reward options instead?

What Can I Do With My Steam Gift Cards?

Since we are sending you your Steam gift card via the “Gift from a Friend” function, all you need to do is redeem the code, and the amount will be credited to your Steam account.

These virtual gift cards can be used to purchase games, in-game items, software, and hardware on Steam. All codes work the same and can be used for any purchase.

For more expensive purchases, Steam gift cards can be used to reduce the final price, meaning you pay less for the latest games.

They can even be used on purchases during Steam’s flash sales, where many games can be up to 80% off.

It couldn’t be simpler to get rewarded for your time than with Reward XP. We attempt to make the process as convenient as possible for everyone.

If you want the best way to get free Steam gift cards, create an account with Reward XP today and purchase your next video game for free!

Create an account with Reward XP today and begin earning free Steam gift cards!

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