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How to Earn Free VISA Gift Cards

Do you want to shop until you drop with a free VISA gift card?

Reward XP offers one of the best online rewards programs. Unlock powerful rewards and use your free virtual VISA gift card to shop at top retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Google Play.

To get free VISA gift card numbers with Reward XP, just create an account and find a few spare minutes. Here’s how it all works.

Getting Started with Reward XP

Getting Started with Reward XP

Wondering how to get free VISA gift cards with Reward XP?

All you have to do is earn our unique virtual XP currency by completing surveys, signing up for special offers, and watching videos. The more you earn, the greater the value of your free online VISA gift card.

It all starts with creating an account on Reward XP. Simply supply us with some basic personal details, your interests, and your lifestyle.

You don’t need to give us your banking information, Social Security Number, or any other piece of sensitive financial data.

There are no waiting periods and no pre-approval processes. Once your account is ready, you can start earning XP.

How it Works

There are no catches involved with Reward XP. We make it easy for anyone to earn free VISA gift cards online.

How We Get Paid

Brands and researchers want your options. Game and app developers want your download. Real world services want you to sign up and check them out!

For any offer our members complete we get a small %.


Earn XP

We connect you with the best offerwalls and survey routers through our curated Earn and Explore sections.

Answer online surveys, watch videos, download apps, play games, and complete other special offers to earn XP.


Redeem Your XP

Redeem your XP for a variety of rewards. We process all requests within 4-24 hours.

In addition to VISA gift cards you can also redeem Amazon gift cards, PayPal money, and gaming currency like Riot Points.


Earning Free PayPal Money

Earning Free VISA Gift Cards

Online Surveys

Earning Free VISA Gift Cards Through Online Surveys

Online surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn VISA gift cards online. Brands are always trying to find out what customers think, and they are willing to spend big to do it.

Reward XP is an online survey router, which means we feature online surveys from the biggest platforms on the web. By creating an account with us, you have everything in one place.

Our intelligent platform ensures that you only see the surveys relevant to you. Just click on a survey in your dashboard and answer some short pre-screening questions. If you qualify, you’ll be invited to fill in the survey.

The longer the survey, the more XP you earn. Every completed survey means instant XP credited to your wallet.


Earning Free VISA Gift Cards Through Offers

With Reward XP, there are no caps on how much XP you can earn. We believe in giving our users ultimate flexibility. That’s why we offer additional ways to earn.

As well as online surveys, you can generate XP and earn a free online VISA gift card with offers.

Here are some of the types of offers you’ll find on the Reward XP portal:

  • Paid Trial Offers – Pay a fee for the trial period. You can cancel at any point.
  • Non-Paid Trial Offers – These free trials require no fee but may require you to enter your payment details. You can cancel at any time and not be charged.
  • Sign Up Offers – Visit a website and create an account.
  • Testing Apps – Consent to downloading a new app.
  • Cashback Offer – Shop with our partner stores and earn points just for making a purchase.

We vet all offers to make sure they are not only genuine but provide the value our users are searching for. There are no scams here. Reward XP does everything possible to protect you while giving you access to great offers from all over the web.

New offers are posted daily, so there’s always a reason to sign in to your Reward XP dashboard.

Watching Videos

Earning Free VISA Gift Cards Through Watching Videos

With more than a billion hours of content consumed worldwide on YouTube every day, why not make your video watching time pay?

You can now earn a free VISA gift card by watching videos and viewing their ads. With every view, we reward you with XP.

How does it work?

  • Choose a video from several categories.
  • Watch your chosen videos from start to finish.
  • Get instant XP credited to your wallet.
  • Redeem your XP for virtual VISA gift cards.

Check back to Reward XP every day for the latest videos. Maximize your daily XP gain.

How to Redeem XP for VISA Gift Cards

It couldn’t be easier to redeem XP for a free VISA gift card. Start by visiting the “Redeem” tab from your dashboard and choose “VISA Prepaid Card.”

Just click the amount you want to redeem and fill in your email address. You’ll also need to check the box to confirm you’re over 18 years of age.

Once you’ve filled in the box, press “Submit Claim,” and we’ll send you an email with your free VISA gift card code.

After you’ve received your code, you’ll be able to spend your money with a variety of top online retailers.

Converting your XP currency to PayPal money couldn’t be easier. After you reach the earnings threshold for PayPal withdrawal, you can request a withdrawal.

If you want to receive free PayPal money, all you need is enough XP and a valid, active PayPal account.

Send a withdrawal request, and we’ll process your withdrawal as soon as possible. Most of our users receive their PayPal funds within 24 hours. Once the money is in your account, it can be withdrawn to your bank account or spent online however you please.

Alternatively, if you already have a use in mind for your PayPal funds, why not redeem your XP for a gift card or one of our other reward options instead?

What Can I Do With My VISA Gift Cards?

VISA gift cards are some of the most powerful rewards you have. These can be redeemed with a selection of major retailers.

Whether you want to shop until you drop with big-name retailers like Amazon, Target, or Macy’s, you can do it.

You can also shop for music and other digital products like iTunes and the Google Play store.

All you have to do is add an item to your cart and enter your code at the checkout. The value of your VISA gift card will be subtracted from the total price.

The flexibility of a virtual VISA gift card code is what makes this one of Reward XP’s most popular rewards.

At Reward XP, we believe in making it as simple as possible for you to turn your free time into cash. With so many ways to earn XP, it couldn’t be easier to generate XP and redeem your currency for a free VISA gift card.

Signup with Reward XP today and unlock your free VISA gift card code!

Create an account with Reward XP today and begin earning free VISA gift cards!

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Free VISA Gift Cards

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